Compete In Our VR Omni Arena Competitions

Our VR Omni Arena offers competitions that pay cash prizes to winning teams. Your team can play any day for a chance to win up to $2,000 each month!
To help you win, we worked with the game developers to learn the best strategies for each competition.

And now, study these expert tips straight from the game developers:

While you have pistols, focus on the zombies in front of you, aiming for the head to take them out faster. Allow a massive group to build up behind you, and when you upgrade to a more powerful weapon such as the grenade launcher or electric crossbow, turn around and take out the group. Don’t use the upgraded weapons on individual zombies, as there is a reload time – it’s better to target large groups.

Running around corners will cause the zombies to bunch up into a tighter group. You can also take out groups by leading them to an explosive barrel and shooting it, but make sure not to get caught in the blast radius yourself, or you will lose points.

Don’t steal kills. If you are all shooting the same zombie, only one of you will progress to the next weapon. Target separate groups so that you can all upgrade as quickly as possible.

Spread out! You need to move through the map fully and efficiently to pick up the supply crates by running over them, as these are worth 2000 points each! The zones are identifiable by their appearance and landmarks. Look for the train station, the big water tank, the indoor area, and the truck area.

Finally, don’t be afraid to dash between the zombies if you are surrounded. Although you might get hit while doing so, that is better than standing there and getting attacked from all sides, which will cost you even more points.

See the official game rules here to understand how many points each action is worth: Remember that the minimum age to compete in tournaments is 13 and that each player must use a player account.

Good luck, teams!