Blackbeard Omni Arena VR Competition Details & Tips

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To help you win, we worked with the game developers to learn the best strategies for each competition.

And now, study these expert tips straight from the game developers:
Next, check out the live leaderboards and save the page on your smartphone:

Then, see the official game rules here to understand how many points each action is worth: Remember that the minimum age to compete in tournaments is 13 and that each player must use a player account.

And now, study these expert tips straight from the game developers:

In rounds 1 and 4, find and shoot the 6 treasure maps, which are worth 2500 points each. There are 12 possible locations where they are randomly placed, so have one person responsible for checking each of these while the others communicate any they see or obtain.

Skeleton kills are worth 500 points each, and headshots will kill them faster, but you will lose 10 points when you are hit (20 if hit by a grenade launcher), so avoid this by taking out the ranged skeletons shooting at you.

In round 2 (the harpoon challenge), there are six more maps to shoot. Prioritize these, as they are worth more than the treasure chests (1000 points), gems (500 points), and bags of gold (100 points). Don’t let the skeletons steal your loot, so grab explosive barrels with the harpoon gun and use these to blow them up! Barricades also require the explosive barrels to remove them and access the treasure. Look out for blue treasure chests, which contain multiple gems!

In round 3 (the symbol matching challenge) there are 10,000 points available for each of the sequences – 30,000 in total! Hitting the wrong symbol interrupts the sequence with a time delay, so speak up and make sure everyone knows their symbols, so you can hit them as accurately as you can. Also, the faster you are, the more bonus points you will get!

In round 4, Blackbeard will appear. He is worth 15,000 points – the highest scoring objective available. It is essential that you take him out, so prioritize him by having some team members focus exclusively on him, while the others search for the remaining treasure maps.

Remember to watch your gameplay video after your game to study and improve as a team. And be sure to let us know that you plan to compete in the Blackbeard tournament so that we can cheer you on!

Good luck, teams!