Non-Profit Fundraising Events

Palace Social is committed to supporting our community, which is why we provide our facilities for non-profit fundraising events. Our event coordinators are dedicated to working with charitable organizations to create successful, memorable events, and we offer a range of packages to help you achieve your fundraising goals. Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

Planning a Successful Non-Profit Fundraising Event

Non Profit Fundraising
Planning a successful non-profit fundraising event involves thorough planning and hard work. At Palace Social, we understand the importance of fundraising events and know how important it is to achieve your goals. Our event coordinators can help you choose the best event space, catering, and fundraising activities to maximize your returns. Our experience and expertise can take your event to the next level and help you raise the funds you need to achieve your charitable goals!


Palace social is the perfect place to celebrate your next big milestone. Our party venue has everything you need to make your event a success.


What are some good ideas for a fundraiser?
There are many creative and fun ideas for non-profit fundraising events. Some popular ideas are auctions, benefit concerts, and raffles. Palace Social can help customize activities based on your specific event goal.
Are fundraising events worth it?
Yes, fundraising events are worth it on many levels. They serve as a great way to connect with the community, interact with donors and support staff, and raise funds for your non-profit organization. Fundraising events can also help generate media exposure and attract new donors to your cause.
How do I start a fundraiser?
To start a successful fundraiser, it’s essential to have a clear goal and a plan of action. Choose the type of fundraiser that aligns with your organization’s mission and audience. Set up an event timeline, budget, and team. Approach sponsors, and market your event across all channels. It’s important to have clear communication while planning, to obtain the desired results.
How long should a fundraiser event last?
The duration of your fundraising event depends on the type of event and the funding objectives. Generally, fundraising events last between two and four hours. Palace Social’s event coordinators work closely with you to determine the suitable duration needed to achieve your fundraising objectives.