Pasadena Laser Maze

Enter the challenging world of the Lazer Maze at Palace Social. Our Lazer Maze provides a fun and challenging game that makes you think and leaves you wanting more. With a combination of speed, strategy, and skill, players navigate around the laser beams to reach their final destination. The Lazer Maze is suitable for all ages and promises an exciting experience that will leave you wanting more.

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Pasadena Private Events Venues

Welcome to Palace Social, the premier Pasadena private events venue! Our Lazer Maze is one of our most exciting attractions and is sure to be a highlight of any child’s party or school field trip.

Our Lazer Maze is an exciting and challenging game where players must navigate through a maze filled with obstacles, twists, and turns while avoiding laser beams to reach their goal. It’s a great activity for kids who love adventure and problem-solving.

At Palace Social, we offer a range of activities that kids of all ages can enjoy, from arcade games to mini-bowling and inflatables like the Monkey Jump. Our facilities are designed with safety and fun in mind, so parents can relax and have a good time with their children.

Want a game that makes you think?

Step into the world of Laser Maze and enjoy a game that exercises your mind and body. Players must navigate their way through the maze while avoiding the high-tech laser beams. Our Lazer Maze provides an exceptional challenge that is perfect for people who love puzzles and games that require critical thinking.

The Lazer Maze is a perfect add-on for any party or celebration. It’s an ideal activity to entertain your guests and make the occasion memorable. Whether it’s a birthday party, family outing, or a unique corporate event, our Lazer Maze will be the perfect addition to your next celebration.

Family Fun For All Ages!

The Lazer Maze is an activity that is perfect for all ages. It’s an ideal way for families to bond and enjoy time together while also getting active and energized. The Lazer Maze can prove to be an exciting challenge for kids, making it an excellent way to keep them entertained and occupied.

Laser Maze FAQ

What is the Laser Maze?
The Lazer Maze is an interactive attraction where players must navigate around a room designated with high-tech laser beams to reach the other side.
How many people can play the Lazer Maze at once?
The Lazer Maze can accommodate up to two players at a time, but it is best played alone to complete the challenge.
What should I wear to play in the Laser Maze?
Players must wear comfortable clothing and avoid wearing loose-fitting clothes or accessories.
Is the Laser Maze safe?
Yes, our Lazer Maze has been designed to be safe and user-friendly. The laser beams are non-hazardous, and players are required to follow clear instructions.